About Classic Waxxx...


What started out as a blog celebrating and educating the masses about lots of great vintage vinyl records that have been released during the format's heyday, we've since expanded into a full-on record label, specializing in classic reissues and new and original music from bands we love.


Our main focus has been highlighting and elevating the importance of the vinyl format, a format in which all music should be enjoyed (we think). First and foremost, we are vinyl junkies at heart and passionate about record collecting. All of our vinyl releases are limited, collectible editions and come in graphic, often hand-made packaging, making the music that much more special.


We look forward to bringing our fellow vinyl junkies the music we love to death, and hope to help turn the rest of the world onto some great music, especially treasures that may not be well known. Classic Waxxx isn't like most record companies. As a passion project and hobby, we like to take our time and throughly research the projects we are interested in, and pour our blood, sweat, and tears into every small-batch project we release. We may not release titles on a regular basis like most record companies, but you can be sure we are always working in the background to find just the right music for your ears.


In the meantime, rediscover your vinyl, share with others, and enjoy the format that has been around for 100 years strong!