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Welcome to Classic Waxxx 2.0!

Howdy, y'all!

Just wanted to take a sec and welcome you to a new era of Classic Waxxx Records! Years ago, CW started out as a music blog showcasing popular gems and lost nuggets of the vinyl record format. The blog was a way for us to passionately engage with our collections and share those records with others, especially folks new to vinyl record collecting. After some time, CW shifted gears and focused on releasing our own vinyl record projects; special edition re-issues and original material from a few bands we've got to know and love. Our focus then was packaging and preservation of not-to-be-lost material. It was a great learning experience, albeit an expensive one that required much patience. As with any passion project, however, life tends to get in the way of hobbies and we had to put the record label portion of the CW on hold for awhile. With that time away, we've had a minute to reflect on what made Classic Waxxx special to us in the first place: sharing our love of vinyl records with others.

Today, we launch "Classic Waxxx 2.0," a re-booting, if you will, of our vintage vinyl blog, again highlighting popular records and more lost gems. This time around, we'll be doing things a little differently. While keeping posts short and concise (we know how hard it is to keep anyone's attention on the internet these days), we will briefly take a look at the music, the cover art, and the social context in which these albums were made. Albums themselves are not just a collection of catchy tunes and chart numbers. Albums are works of art, and we want to explore and share what makes these albums worth listening, sharing and preserving for future generations.

If you are a seasoned vinyl collector, we are happy to have you along. If you are new to record collecting, we hope these reviews/suggestions are enough to pique your interests to search out a copy (or two) for your own collection. There is no greater feeling in the vinyl world than discovering something new and sharing it with others.

People often connect through music and the emotional responses music elicits. Vinyl records have brought communities of people together for decades. Record shops used to be the social hubs of communities; the 'community water cooler,' if you will. It may be a long shot, but with these modern times being as polarizing as ever, perhaps our collective love of vinyl will again help us find some common ground and allow some civil discourse about the things that make our society so polarizing. Music is a powerful tool, and perhaps our little corner of the internet will be a great toolbox for you as it is for us.

Like we mentioned earlier, life tends to get in the way of plans, but we hope to keep our posts consistent and timely. Be on the lookout for a new post every week (weekday TBA). If you can't wait that long, get an additional vinyl record fix on our Instagram page @cw_records, where we post and share records from our ever-growing collection. Instagram is also a great place to learn about new and old records, as well as connect with other fellow vinyl junkies.

So again, welcome to Classic Waxxx 2.0! (BTW, we still have the record label, and will hopefully release a new project in the near future. In the meantime, check out our back catalog of releases, many of which are available exclusively through us here.)

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