Thanks for your interest in Classic Waxxx Records. Though our focus is in reissuing classic music we love on vinyl, we are also interested in musicians, bands and singer/songwriters for original releases. We keep it pretty simple here, so here are a few guidelines to consider when submitting your original material. Please keep in mind that we are a small mom-and-pop operation, hyper-focued on quality music with equal attention paid to packaging design and presentation, so if you are looking for a major record deal, we might not be the label for you.


1. WE ACCEPT THE FOLLOWING FORMATS: CDs, flashdrives of MP3s, links to websites containing your music, vinyl (7", 10", 12" or 'flexies'). Please do not send demos on cassette tapes. Surprisingly, we don't have a way to play them. Please include a minimum of 5 songs per demo submitted. This will give us a good idea about your band's material, and if your music is a good fit for our label.


2. Should you wish to have your submitted materials returned after review, please include a SELF-ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE so your submission materials can be returned, thusly. Otherwise, all materials will become property of Classic Waxxx, LLC. and will NOT be returned. Please write "Attention A&R Dept." on your envelope.


3. Submit ONLY original material. No covers of previously published music will be considered. (However, if you or your band have some killer Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones or Tom Petty covers, we may reconsider. ASK US ABOUT OUR LIMITED RUN 'LATHE CUT SERIES!')


4. Classic Waxxx Records claims no legal ownership or copyrights of any original material submitted. Should we be interested in recording and/or releasing your music, we will contact you at the appropriate time.


5. As we get many submissions, we don't always have a chance to listen to stuff right away. However, we do listen to everything that is submitted to us. *Please allow upwards of 4-6 weeks for a response. (Please don't hound us with follow-up emails and phone calls. That will only make the review process take longer. We promise we'll get to your submission in a timely manner.) 


6. We're HUGE fans of blues, classic rock n' roll, garage rock, reggae, classic country, jazz, bluegrass and most stuff in between. If you feel as though your music would be a good fit for our label, we encourage you to submit.


7. Submission Guidelines can and may change at any given time. Should you have any questions regarding the submission process, or if we neglected to asnwer a question you have here, please feel free to send us an email prior to submitting. We'll follow up with a response as soon as we can. Thanks, and good luck!